Working with Us

With great paying jobs, amazing benefits, opportunities for career advancement and a fun and enjoyable work environment, ISS Front of House provides the perfect ‘home’ for front of house professionals.

  • Do you have good communication skills, and like working with people?
  • Do you enjoy being part of a team, and are willing to work hard and have some fun too?
  • Why not pursue a career working in front of house?

We offer a broad range of exciting career opportunities, from corporate concierge to hospitality, secretarial and administration and client suite management.

Below you can find out about more about ISS Front of House through some of our employees.

Meet our People

EMPLOYEE: Nerina – Senior Service Development Manager

Since joining ISS Front of House in 2002, I have been on the most exciting career journey. In my time, I have observed and been an active part of ISS Front of House’s development from a micro-organisation with a head office team of 5 to a fully-fledged front of house business whose academy is more than twice that number alone! From starting as a Team Member at one of our founding client sites, I was swiftly promoted to Team Leader and, within a year, was given a dream opportunity – to manage a major new client’s front of house operation. After two years as Client Services Manager, I was promoted to Service Development Manager, as a key account manager. Most recently, I have become a Senior Service Development Manager in charge of a team of five account managers.


In this time, I have been fully supported in my development. I have recently completed a management diploma, financed by ISS Front of House. This involved 24 months of on and offsite studying and rigorous project work and assignments – giving me the opportunity to meet and share good practice with industry peers.

Many of my colleagues are amongst those who started around or soon after me and, despite ISS Front of House’s rapid growth, I feel we have been able to retain that ‘family’ feel which I bought into all those years ago.

In my experience, ISS Front of Houseoffers a wide variety of careers: for both the ambitious and those who simply love to provide service excellence and I look forward to my next decade at ISS Front of Housewith a sense of excitement.

EMPLOYEE: Pamela – A Transferee to ISS Front of House

When I found out ISS Front of House was taking over our contract I was worried about my job but I was more concerned about the kind of company that I was going to work for.

The first meeting I had with ISS Front of House was very positive and professional. However, I remember thinking: It all sounds too good to be true. Will they deliver what they promise? Some of my team members had the same concern as most companies are very good at selling themselves.

It was the ISS Front of House procedures and resources in place that interested me the most, for example:

  • A dedicated in-house recruitment team
  • A cross-trained relief team in place that would only cover our client sites, so no need to train someone every couple of weeks or rely on temporary staff agencies.
  • ISS Front of House’s front of house Learning & Development Department and its promise to provide regular high quality training.

I have been working for ISS Front of House for a year now and I am very pleased to say that the support is actually in place and ALL promises have been delivered.

Having all this support in place now means that I spend less time on recruitment, logistics, cover and administration and, can focus primarily on the service I provide to my client and our visitors as well as team development.

A Week in the Life of a Network Team Member

Our ‘Network Team’ Members are highly skilled front of house professionals who are fully trained across a handful of our client sites. When additional resources are required for sickness and holiday cover, or for a corporate event, our Network Team Members are available at a moment’s notice to provide seamless cover solutions. With prior training, they are familiar with all site-specific procedures, meaning they can ‘hit the ground running’.

Our Network Team Members thrive on the task variety and knowledge required to perform to a high level whereby they are indistinguishable from the permanent onsite team members. No week is the same for an ISS Front of House Network Team Member…

9am Cross- training on a new ISS Front of House client site (media sector). State-of-the-art AV system – so easy to use. No reception desk – tablets and ear-pieces instead – love it!
10.00 Training on all aspects of the business – switchboard, reception, meeting room management and a bit of secretarial & admin.
17.00 Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. Lots to take in. Can’t wait to cover here next time.

9.30 Hospitality support at a private banking site. Key Chinese delegation arriving at 10.30. Purchased today’s Chinese newspapers. Practised Mandarin greeting phrases with the team.
15.30 Arranged limousine for delegation to airport.
16.00 Received glowing feedback from the CEO – well done team.
16.30 End of my shift – left the office on a high

9.30 Attending new course – ‘Written Business Communication’. Great to meet colleagues from other sites and share good practice.
12.45 Complementary lunch – delicious!
18.30 Company night out in the West End – free food & drinks
19:00 Launch of our new winter uniform – friends and colleagues modelling this year’s new uniforms – they look amazing

9am Working at one of our Spanish-speaking sites. Great – I can put my language skills to good use.
17.00 Dashing across the City to another client site to help with an evening event. VIP’s attending so should be exciting.
21.00 What a wonderful evening – everything went really well. Greeted some famous people. Would definitely like to do that again. TAXI!

8am start at one of our global banking sites. Major client event – going to be a busy day! Must remember site-specific uniform – looks perfect.
7.45am Arrive at site – check latest site updates. Briefing from onsite manager. Final grooming check.
9am Meet & greet first delegates. It is as if I have been working here for months.
15.30 Nearly ready for the weekend. Joining the onsite team with their Friday social event.

A day in the life of an ISS Front of House Corporate Concierge

At ISS Front of House, we recognise the importance of maintaining a productive, healthy and motivated workforce. We have helped many businesses achieve this through our innovative concierge service. Requests are varied, to say the least – from commissioned property photo-shoots to an overnight flight to Copenhagen for an urgent passport delivery. We spent a day with our head concierge and witnessed firsthand the great effort and determination required to fulfil a client’s requests.


Queuing at Russian Embassy to submit a visa application on behalf of client wishing to travel on business tomorrow.


En-route to deliver rare, signed, Tour de France yellow jersey to client. Request to pick-up flowers for a birthday celebration.


Selected the perfect bouquet at my favourite luxury florist.


Back in the office to good news. Client feedback – their guests loved the restaurant choice. Confirmed flower delivery…just in time for a quick lunch break.


URGENT request for VIP limousine hire – 2 hours notice – quick call to pull in a favour. All sorted.


13.25 Private appointments with New Bond Street jewellers to commission an engagement ring for overseas client


Client desperately trying to track down a magnum of Louis Roederer Cristal ‘88 vintage for tomorrow 9.00am. Needs to know by 6pm today if it is possible. Quick call to specialist contact. Not in stock. Supplier to call his contacts. Waiting game begins.


Call back – got it! Just in time – perfect end to a great day!